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Nominal diameter                                     : 254mm. 10"
Nominal Impedance                                  : 8 ohm.
Program Power                                          : 250w.
Frequency range                                        : 38Hz. – 6.5KHz.
Voice coil diameter                                    : 35.5mm.
Magnet dimension                                     : 120mm x 20mm

--- BassBox Pro Version 3.03, Export Thiele-Small Format
--- May 06,2009,  Wed 4:23PM
--- GPA-1036
--- Parameters marked with ** are not tested using the WT2
--- mechanical ---
Fs          54.526E+00 Hz       Free air resonance
Qms          9.083E+00          Q mechanical
Vas         36.093E-03 m^3      Suspension compliance
Cms        198.761E-06 m/N      1/(suspension stiffness)
Mms         42.865E-03 kg       Moving mass
Rms          1.617E+00 kg/s     Mechanical resistance
Xmax **      0.000E+00 m        Maximum acoustic linear motion
Xmech**      0.000E+00 m        Mechanical displacement
Dia        213.360E-03 m        Piston diameter
Sd          35.753E-03 m^2      Piston area
Vd   **      0.000E+00 m^3      Displacement volume
--- electrical ---
Qes          1.514E+00          Q electrical
Re           6.108E+00 ohms     Voice coil DC resistance
Le         729.270E-06 Henries  Inductance @1 kHz
Z            9.716E+00 ohms     Impedance @1 kHz
BL           7.698E+00 Tm       Motor force - Newtons/Amp
Pe   **      0.000E+00 W        Max Electrical Power
--- electro-mechanical ---
Qts          1.297E+00          Q total
no         363.239E-03 %        1/2-space ref efficiency @ 1m/1W
1-W SPL     87.620E+00 dB       sensitivity at 1m on-axis
2.83V SPL   88.792E+00 dB       sensitivity at 1m on-axis
  --- motor constants ---
Krm        694.419E-06 ohms     constant resistive motor impedance
Erm        879.415E-03          exponent resistive motor impedance
Kxm          7.430E-03 Henries  constant reactive motor impedance
Exm        695.792E-03          exponent reactive motor impedance
--- End BassBox Pro Export ---

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